Sport physiotherapy

Be really fit for your favourite sport!


The body not only needs training, but consciousness also.

If you only train, the possibility of being injured is present!

All active and regularly training athletes, should also regularly submit themselves to Physiotherapy treatment.

In the course of the sport physiotherapy, the traditional task of the therapist is, to keep the active high performance or the general athlete, during his activity free of injuries.

This can be achieved through:

  • adequate preparation of the athlete in the form of special massage treatment, stretching or also the application of protective bandages (taping, physiotherapy)
  • watching the athletes during their activities, during breaks appropriate application of massage, or stretching techniques and /or in the case of injuries fast and adequate first aid
  • immediately after the active phase, as appropriate, offer relaxed and tension relieving techniques such as massage or lymph drainage, and in cases of uncertainty continue the first aid treatment of the injuries
  • in close contact with the team and the corresponding doctor!

Physiotherapy taping can be done in two manners:

  • kinetic taping to reduce the pain and relax the muscles
  • special ‘joint protection’ taping to stabilise and relieve these

In the course of taping techniques it is possible for the athlete (except in case of severe injuries) to continue his sporting activities undisturbed.

In the case of injuries, there is an intensive need for follow up physiotherapy treatment that can be offered: