Manual lymph drainage

Reduce congestion of body fibres and activate the lymph system, the most important part of the bodies immunisation system!

In the course of various movements of the hand, the lymph system can be activated, achieving a faster transportation of accumulated water and deposits of metabolism out of the fibres of the body. The quantities set lose through the lymph drainage are discarded through urination. In many instances the patient feels during the treatment, at the latest after the treatment, an increased need to urinate.

The effects of a treatment can be felt between hours and days afterwards.

Illnesses and symptoms for which the lymph drainage can be recommended:

  • swelling of the outer extremities
  • care after post operative treatment of all sorts
  • muscular hard tensioning = lymph drainage is an important part of sport physiotherapy
  • post care of tumours/cancer of the breasts
  • slowness of the bowels
  • swollen parts of the face
  • migraine = lymph drainage combined with massage
  • stimulation of the fibre metabolism
  • or simply just to relax, because. . . .

a manual lymph drainage treatment, is in all cases gentle and slow, which is soothing and relaxing and increases your general well being.

You have the need for a manual lymph drainage treatment?

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