Classical massage

 Well being and heal yourself!


The massage is similar to the lymph drainage, the bestform of healing. In accordance with my philosophy it can only be successful, when at least two quality standards are achieved:

  • it must produce a maximum of well being feeling.
  • it must be so professionally conducted, that the healing powers of the body are activated to a maximum and are strengthened in the course.

In the case of these illness symptoms, a massage is extremely efficient:

  • in support of the post operative healing of the wounds
  • injuries
  • accidents/sport accidents = massage within the frame of the sport physiotherapy
  • prevention of sport injuries
  • congenial or developed defects
  • false or one sided posture resulting from ones occupation
  • after pregnancy
  • elderly people
  • push chair occupants/people with supporting apparatus
  • reduction of lymph accumulation = massage in conjunction with lymph drainage
  • stress
  • migraine
  • general tension and pains of the muscles = massage as part of the physiotherapy, as a combination of manual therapy and electricity to relax the muscles

The massage is done by hand and is in the sense of the word ‘hand work’.

The best apparatus cannot replace the feeling hand. Only the trained hand is capable of feeling the lesion in the area of treatment and at the same time differentiate type and location.  These feeling results are necessary for an optional effectiveness, because depending on these, the application and strength of the hand can be regulated.


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