Manual therapy

Healing brought down to the point!


In the course of a manual therapy treatment, I use special grasp techniques, with which I specifically aim to mobilise the joints of the body. With the stretching of the joint sockets I achieve a distension of the joint movements and a reduction of the pains!

In the manual therapy, as in the chiropractic and the osteology, the vertebra of the spine are very gently repositioned and/or the “jammed in” nerves are “released”.

Furthermore in the course of the manual therapy, I also influence the ligaments and the nerves.

Following structures requires frequent manual treatment:

  • the spinal joints
  • the outer extreme joints
  • the jaw joint

Manual therapy is a classical pain therapy!

It is always included in other treatments, such as massage, lymph drainage, electricity therapie, but especially in the course of muscle strengthening/muscle training and/or back training!

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