Physiotherapy in Imperia

The human being is the medicine for the humans!


The way in which the treatment is applied, depends mainly on the clinical picture and how it appears..

Nevertheless, each human being is individual when regarding how it’s health problems came to be, and the way in which it feels, is unique!

In the course of a good physiotherapy treatment, the patient and it’s ailment is regarded as a whole!

I have gone through many additional training courses which enable me to to reach these requirements in my practice in Imperia.

My performance includes:

  • physiotherapy and post-operative rehabilitation
  • special treatment of joints with manual therapy
  • manual therapy of the spine
  • classical massage
  • manual lymph drainage
  • massage of the foot reflection zones
  • sport physiotherapy
  • apparatus therapy (FitnessOro)
  • treatment of the back (FitnessOro)
  • stretch treatment, suspention in slings
  • electric therapy
  • ultrasonic
  • simultaneous treatment/electricity in conjunction with ultrasonic
  • kinesiotaping
  • taping
  • home visits

You have complaints or pains and need professional assistance?

Your time is restricted or you would prefer the treatment at home?

You have no means of transport and cannot reach my practice for treatment in Imperia?

Then make an appointment and I will visit you at your home!