Back training

For a strong walk through life!


„You need your back. Your back needs strength!“

According to a statistic provided by the WHO, the number back illnesses has for example in Germany, increased between 1974 and 2004, by the incredible amount of 3000%!

Causes for this are manifold, possibilities of prevention, alleviation and healing are also manifold!

To help you, I offer the back training in Imperia in the

Centre for back training and muscle strengthening in Imperia

  • you are continuously or every now and then, suffering from pains in your back and neck?
  • you need individual help to achieve a new quality of life without pains?
  • or you would like to take preventative measures against this problem?

Numerous studies have proved, that in many cases complaints in back and neck are often a result of too weak back and neck muscles!

A strong back does not know what pains are!

A medical strengthening therapy is recommended by doctors for the following symptoms:

  • all types of pains of the back
  • bracing in the neck and the nape of the neck muscles
  • osteoarthritis
  • degenerate alterations of the spine
  • accelerative trauma
  • bodily carriage weakness and posture failure
  • rheumatic diseases of the joints
  • headaches and migraine
  • prevention of sport injuries


In the back ‘school’ you learn a wide variety of programs and exercises, stretching, posture training and understandable explained medical connections to learn a new value and appreciation of your body! As soon as you realise and understand why and where you have pains, is it possible for you to adapt your movements, avoid false posture and with this achieve soothing.

Help is offered you, in the form of back training and /or back strengthening in the Fitness Oro in Imperia.

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